Jeff Jarrett and Shane Helms Returning to WWE in Backstage Positions

jeff jarrett wwe signed signs backstage producer shane helms

WWE has hired two more backstage producers who have experience at Impact Wrestling — Jeff Jarrett and Shane Helms. 

1Wrestling first reported news of Jarrett’s signing, which we’ve since confirmed. PWInsider claims he’ll also be used in some sort of on-camera role. 

As you’ll recall, Jarrett became Chief Creative Officer at Impact Wrestling after Anthem took control of the company from Dixie Carter. Under his control, Impact saw the loss of talents like The Hardy Boyz, Drew McIntyre, Mia Yim and Mike Bennett — who all work in WWE now. 

Jarrett was terminated from his position as Chief Creative Officer at Impact Wrestling in October 2017. Days later, he entered rehab and has since been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Helms reportedly joins Abyss and Sonjay Dutt as an additional backstage producer for now. However, their roles aren’t exactly defined at this point. 

Surprised to see Jarrett working for WWE again? Sound off in the comments. 

4 Comments on "Jeff Jarrett and Shane Helms Returning to WWE in Backstage Positions"

  1. ColeMiner Lou DiFigliano | January 28, 2019 at 5:22 pm | Reply

    Hurricane has worked with NXT quite a bit recently. Not a shock here, but a solid pickup.

    If they’re planning on using Jarrett on screen… They would be crazy not to use Helms.

  2. The Jarrett one surprises me. I never thought they would hire him as a full time employee.

  3. Philip Fischer | January 29, 2019 at 8:30 am | Reply

    After last night’s Raw. It leaves you wondering weather Seth Rollins can win the belt. Sure you can stand there and take 5 if fives. But they do take a toll on you you have to come up with a better game plan than that Seth. I think that we need some new blood in the WWE today.. Lucian Dean Ambrose to another wrestling program should not be the answer to his career. He needs to remake himself he needs to look a lot better than he’s looking. He needs to go back to SmackDown where he can go into the championship. It’s a different kind of wrestler than he is today he needs to remake himself. And we do like I said need new blood like a Kenny Omega. But I don’t know what his plans are and I don’t know what the WWE’s plans are for him if he decides to come. It has to be more attractive than what you have now offering these professionals more money is not what they’re looking for sure it helps but I think that the writing of these scripts are wrong. I think you need to go and get someone like a Steve Austin or someone else along that line to help you write better scripts for a lot of these wrestlers

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