Jeff Hardy Crash Angle Furthered After SmackDown With “Sobriety” Test Results

jeff hardy dui crash angle smackdown sobriety test

The DUI crash angle centered around Jeff Hardy tonight on SmackDown was furthered after the show when WWE digital revealed how he quickly got out of jail.

The storyline report from states:

WWE Digital has learned Jeff Hardy was released from custody by the Orlando police after successfully passing the required sobriety tests, therefore absolving Hardy of the charges of public intoxication, driving under the influence, and the hit-and-run on Elias earlier tonight.

In case you missed it, the show opened with Elias on the ground after a car crash occurred with someone believed to be Hardy. Jeff was then found by police in nearby bushes acting out of it and being told he smelled like alcohol.

Hardy remerged at the end of the show to distract Sheamus, causing him to lose the match he was in against Daniel Bryan, then “The Charismatic Enigma” went on the attack.

Watch the segment below.

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  1. What that POS owner of WWE i s doing is sick. He is making a mockery of a serious problem. Vince, I wish I could spit in your face

  2. What’s next Vince? A man cheating on his wife and while high on drugs he rapes an underage transgender man.

    I wouldn’t put it past you, Vince, to do some sick chite like that. You have always been a sick MotherFkr. You are a real POS!

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