Jeff Hardy Discusses His Brother’s Head Injury

WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy has recalled the moment his brother Matt sustained a “terrifying” head injury in a match last year.

Jeff addressed the scary moment in a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge at UK publication Metro.

“Terrifying! When he tried to get up and then he fell down — when you hit your head hard, that’s scary stuff,” Jeff said.

That was scary, man, with Matt,” he continued. “Flesh on concrete, it was scary when he couldn’t walk. Gosh, man. Thank God he’s OK, but that’s part of the game.”

As you may recall, Matt took a nasty blow to the head during a match with Sammy Guevera at AEW’s All Out event last September.

Hardy and Guevara began their Broken Rules Match in the area near the football field and soon made their way to a scaffold. The AEW stars fought atop the the scaffold until Sammy speared Matt off of it launching them toward a table on the ground.

Unfortunately, they overshot the landing and Matt landed hard on his back and head.

He was then unable to walk and fell multiple times while attempting to stand. The match was called off at this point and the two wrestlers were pulled apart.

Moments later, however, the match resumed allowing Matt and Sammy to do the finish which saw Sammy fall from a high tower through a table.

As we previously reported, Matt’s wife Reby Hardy criticized AEW for how they handled things.