Jeff Cobb Withdraws from Event Due to Upcoming Lucha Underground Tapings

jeff cobb lucha underground withdraw tapings return season 4

Jeff Cobb will no longer be appearing at an upcoming indie event in Germany because he’s been called to return to the Lucha Underground Temple.

WXW tweeted, “Due to the Lucha Underground tapings has been forced to withdraw from despite all efforts. Replacing him will be [Keith Lee].”

The WXW event takes place March 9-11, but that doesn’t appear to be the first weekend Lucha Underground season 4 tapings kick off. We’re hearing the return taping will likely take place the last weekend of February. For those unaware, Cobb plays the role of Matanza Cueto on LU.

During an interview with the Masks, Mats & Mayhem Show in November, Executive Producer Eric Van Wagenan said production is working on booking the “Temple” location, but it’s been tough because it has become a popular place to film since they last wrapped.

No word on whether that’s been worked out or if the tapings will take place somewhere else.

Stay tuned.