Jeff Cobb Explains Brief Stint in AEW, Says All Parties Benefited from the Appearances

jeff cobb aew appearance interview dynamite

Jeff Cobb got the tongues of the wrestling world wagging after a surprise appearance on “Dynamite” … but based on a new interview, it sounds like he never really planned to stay.

On the second episode of the ROHStrong podcast, Cobb detailed the circumstances surrounding his AEW debut in February. “There were maybe five or six people who knew I was coming. Cody Rhodes knew, I was in contact with him,” he said. “[Jon] Moxley knew because I was beating him up.”

Cobb, indeed, made an appearance at the behest of Chris Jericho and hit Moxley with a Tour of the Islands. The company then announced via social media that Cobb was “All Elite,” indicating he would be wrestling for the company going forward. However, as we reported at the time, he was only booked for a few shows.

The next week on Dynamite, Cobb was defeated by Moxley in singles competition. Then … that was it. Cobb was never heard from in AEW again.

As he tells the story now, Cobb says he was just taking advantage of his unique contract situation.

Here’s what he said:

“To be honest with you, on January 1st, my contract did expire with Ring of Honor. I made it very clear that I would like to stay and work with Ring of Honor. I believe in the company and I believe in the direction that we’re going, especially the talent. The talent is ridiculous. My goal was to stay, but this opportunity came up and I took it. I feel it was good for both parties. Because now people that only watch AEW are like ‘well, I thought Jeff is Ring of Honor?’ or some people are like, ‘what’s Ring of Honor?’ Then they come over and look at Ring of Honor and now there’s more eyes that wouldn’t have been on Ring of Honor that are going over now. I think it helped everybody in the grand scheme of things. It was fun. Good pay day.”

For now, Cobb says he’s content with not being signed to an exclusive contract … but those days may be numbered. “There’s pros and cons with being exclusive and being non-exclusive,” he said. “Eventually I’m going to settle down.”

Until then, keep your eyes open.