JBL Says Smackdown Live is Much Better Than Raw Right Now (VIDEO)

jbl smackdown better raw bring it to the table video

JBL rarely sees eye to eye with the Internet … but he does agree with fans on one thing — Smackdown Live is consistently a better show than Raw nowadays.

On the latest episode of Bring It To The Table, Layfield agreed with AJ Styles recently saying on Talking Smack that Smackdown makes wrestlers successful then Raw takes them away.

“Smackdown is a better show. Look at Alexa Bliss … she’s an incredibly talented young lady. She flourished on Smackdown.” JBL continued, “I guarantee you could take the same women that Raw has, put them on Smackdown and they will flourish. Same thing with any Superstar.

Adding, “I think Smackdown is head and shoulders a better show. I don’t think we have better talent, I think we have better opportunity that is presented to these Superstars and they take it.”

Check out a clip of the conversation below.