JBL Defends WWE in Saudi Arabia on Fox Business, “Capitalism Works in Breaking Down Barriers”

jbl greatest royal rumble video defense defend fox business

Greatest Royal Rumble was a topic of conversation on Fox Business this morning and JBL was there to defend WWE‘s decision to host an event in Saudi Arabia.

Layfield told Varney and Co. host Stuart Varney that he’d love to address criticism WWE has received over the event and stated, “Mohammed bin Salman, the Prince, is trying create diversity. One way you do this is you bring the WWE. Because these fans that now will become fans of the WWE will go on the website and they will see that the women there they are treated as equals. That Nia Jax, who’s women’s champion, is treated exactly the same as Brock Lesnar.”

Worth noting here that a 2017 BBC article reported over 400,000 websites are blocked in Saudi Arabia. However, it’s unclear if WWE.com is one of those sites.

JBL closed the segment saying, “When you wanted to open up China, you send in McDonalds. You send in companies like this. Capitalism works in breaking down barriers.”

Watch the full clip below.