JBL Apologizes for Drunkenly Tweeting About Killing Cody Rhodes

jbl cody rhodes drunk tweets kill

Former WWE star JBL posted a series of tweets last night aimed at Cody Rhodes, one of which saying he’d kill the wrestler — but Layfield has now apologized, admitting he drank one too many.

In case you missed it … JBL also tweeted saying Cody is a tool, not in his league and that he could beat Rhodes any day in a match (even though he’s retired).

Friday morning, however, Layfield changed his tune. “Was having fun with Cody last night and said I’d kill Cody Rhodes, I obviously didn’t mean that literally,” he wrote on Twitter. “It was a very poor choice of words, I go way back with him and his family and I just was talking smack in a pro wrestling sense. I apologize for that poor choice of words.”

Adding, “I didn’t mean disrespect to Dusty. It’s what happens when elation from a Cowboys win, my birthday, talking smack and booze mix.”

Public figures, here’s a tip: Don’t drink and tweet. It usually doesn’t end well.