JBL Tells Fans to Stop Complaining About 3-Hour Raws During ‘Bring It To The Table’ (VIDEO)

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If you’re tired of Monday Night Raw being three hours, JBL has a message for you … ZIP IT — and he laid out all of the reasons why during a new special on the WWE Network.

The SmackDown Live announcer sounded off on Bring It To The Table with host Peter Rosenberg after the topic of fans complaining about the length of WWE’s flagship show came up.

He explains, “You gotta understand this, it’s not gonna happen. TV contracts. The three major markets of the United States, U.K. and India all run till September and December of 2019.”

“WWE makes $173 million dollars off television revenue during that time. By far the most out of anything else on the balance sheet. They make about $137 million off the network, they make about $106 million off live events, the rest of it is under $50 million each. So when you have $173 million, that’s the biggest driver of revenue for WWE, and you wanna take out one-hour. That third hour of Raw brings a huge amount of revenue.”

Paul Heyman was also on-hand for the show and when Rosenberg admitted that he still wanted Raw to be 2 hours, the advocate for Brock Lesnar didn’t mince words.

Check it out below.