James Storm Departs Impact Wrestling, Gives Goodbye Speech at TV Taping (VIDEO)

james storm leaves impact wrestling goodbye speech farewell

After fifteen years with the company, James Storm is saying goodbye to Impact Wrestling — and the wrestler thanked Dixie Carter during his farewell speech at tonight’s TV taping.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us Storm’s exit is legit. We’re told he recently made the decision to depart when his next contract option came around for multiple reasons.

During his goodbye speech at the TV taping in Ottawa on Thursday, The Cowboy thanked the fans for their support. He also thanked Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett and Bob Ryder — but not Anthem Sports.

Sources tell us Storm is free to negotiate elsewhere starting tomorrow, but right now there’s no current word on his plans for the future.

Watch the video of his farewell below.

9 Comments on "James Storm Departs Impact Wrestling, Gives Goodbye Speech at TV Taping (VIDEO)"

  1. “But not Anthem Sports”

    Lol jesus Ryan.

  2. Did he burn the bridge with WWE anyone know?

    • No! He’s stated in interviews the Hunter told him the door was always open for him, since he decided to stay with Impact based on his wife having a child coming at the time so Impact’s schedule was easier for them.

      • And there is that Takeover: Wargames in Houston…….odds the Cowboy makes the drive from Leiper’s Fork?

        • Depends on if he had thaf 90 day no compete clause from Impact. If not then let’s speculate he does make that drive, and pops up! That pop will be insane.

          • Charlie Owens | November 12, 2017 at 10:17 pm |

            Question is, what should he do? Maybe Regal calls Ohno into his office and says, “Bad news, Lars couldn’t make it. I got you a different opponent though.”

            Later, Ohno’s in the ring, announcer is all “and HIS opponent……”

            *cue that creepy whistle, followed by that “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” cover*

            (assume Impact let’s him keep his music for the sake of the arguement)

  3. He was too good for this company. they should have made him Champ a long time ago, make him the guy of this company.

  4. So, now Aj, Joe, Roode, Young and Storm will form a stable in wwe called the Originals!

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