James Storm — Caught in Korean Missile Crisis

james storm rocket missile korea north south

Former TNA Wrestling star James Storm was recently caught in the middle of an armed clash between troops from North and South Korea — but the wrestler was oblivious to the whole thing!

The Cowboy — alongside Angelina Love, Army vet/wrestler Chris Melendez and Marine vet/wrestler Gunner — were visiting American troops in the demilitarized area between NK and SK this month … when a rocket was fired miles from their location!

Sources close to the Cowboy tell us when the rocket was fired, his group was touring the peace area that North and South Korea have agreed not to attack — and troops from both sides suddenly began to stare each other down.

The group of wrestlers had no idea what was happening … and were quickly taken to a different area.

According to CNN … South Korea identified what they thought to be a small rocket being fired toward one of their provinces — so they responded by firing a few dozen shells in the direction they thought it came from … and now the situation is being monitored by the Pentagon.

The group of wrestlers were updated on the rocket situation once they got back to base … and we’re told Storm instantly called his family to say he was not only safe — but had somehow missed the entire affair.

Some of the coolest but deadliest people I have ever met. DMZ frontline.

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