James Ellsworth Wins Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … For Carmella (VIDEO)

james ellsworth carmella money in the bank

Carmella made history on Sunday by winning the first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … unfortunately, she didn’t grab the briefcase herself — it was done by James Ellsworth.

Becky Lynch was moments away from grabbing the briefcase late in the match when James Ellsworth interfered and tipped the ladder over, catapulting the Lass Kicker out to the floor.

The Master of No-Chin Music then made his way up the ladder, snatched the briefcase off its hook and dropped it into the lap of a barely cognizant Carmella.

Ellsworth declared Carmella the winner before referees could decide if the finish was legal, then the duo rushed off. The newly-crowned Ms. Money in the Bank teased a cash-in later in the night during the title match between Naomi and Lana, but ultimately held off.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon also tweeted saying they’d address Ellsworth’s involvement on Tuesday’s edition of Smackdown Live.


10 Comments on "James Ellsworth Wins Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … For Carmella (VIDEO)"

  1. Except they didn’t call her Ms MITB. They continually called her Miss MITB. Really PC there, WWE.

    • You know Ms. & Miss are the same thing right?

      • Better Google it, son. They’re not.

        Mrs is a married woman.
        Miss is an unmarried woman.
        Ms is either one, used mostly since the Women’s Lib movement started.

        • No need to. “Ms.” has always been reserved for the unmarried, “Mrs.” for the married. I don’t care what google or the modern PC dictionary, I’m basing it off what I was taught in English class. Put “Ms.” in front of married woman’s name and watch her get highly offended.

          • Mark Kausch | June 30, 2017 at 8:47 am |

            And you are absolutely and categorically wrong. Ms has never been reserved for the unmarried. Unless you’re talking about Miz, a la “Song of the South”. Completely different thing. Learn your history, son.

          • I would implore you to do so, because you are wrong. History is my major, English is of my parents’ major. Good try though kid.

          • Mark Kausch | June 30, 2017 at 9:34 am |

            I am no kid. Linguistics is my longsuit. Obviously you know you’re wrong; otherwise, you’d check it out instead of just resting on your “laurels”.

          • And I’m not your son.

          • Mark Kausch | June 30, 2017 at 9:52 am |

            And I rest my case.

  2. TBH I feel like she didn’t really win because she never climbed up the ladder to get the contract herself and Ellowsworth is not a female wrestler making it an illeagal finish on their part sorry Carmella but it is a fact

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