James Ellsworth Wins Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … For Carmella (VIDEO)

james ellsworth carmella money in the bank

Carmella made history on Sunday by winning the first ever women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match … unfortunately, she didn’t grab the briefcase herself — it was done by James Ellsworth.

Becky Lynch was moments away from grabbing the briefcase late in the match when James Ellsworth interfered and tipped the ladder over, catapulting the Lass Kicker out to the floor.

The Master of No-Chin Music then made his way up the ladder, snatched the briefcase off its hook and dropped it into the lap of a barely cognizant Carmella.

Ellsworth declared Carmella the winner before referees could decide if the finish was legal, then the duo rushed off. The newly-crowned Ms. Money in the Bank teased a cash-in later in the night during the title match between Naomi and Lana, but ultimately held off.

Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon also tweeted saying they’d address Ellsworth’s involvement on Tuesday’s edition of Smackdown Live.