Jake Roberts Quarantined in Hotel Room, Believes Wrestling Needs to Go On Hold Due to COVID-19

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AEW’s Jake Roberts is currently quarantined alone in a hotel room and says he believes wrestling needs to go on hold like everything else amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with The WrestlingInc Daily’s Nick Hausman, Roberts agreed when asked if he thought wrestling should pause for a moment like every other sports and entertainment company.

“We gotta buckle down,” he added. “As much as I hate it, we gotta do what’s smart.”

“I’m not a doctor or anything, but that’s all I hear on television. We got to go home. Just go home and stay there until this sh*t’s gone,” Roberts continued.

“We’ve all got to pull together. It really chaps my ass to see people not paying attention to what they’re asking us to do and they’re doing the same old thing they always do. It shows you how selfish some people can be,” Roberts said. “They’re gonna cause this thing to last longer than it should if we just do the right thing now. People like that should be arrested and put in jail.”

Jake also revealed he’s currently quarantined in an Atlanta hotel room for a few weeks following his last live appearance on Dynamite in the makeshift crowd of talent.

“I’m quarantined in here. I was living with Dallas [DDP] and whenever all this started Dallas was one of the first people to say ‘I’m locking down. If you leave, you can’t come back.’ Well, AEW wanted me to come out, so … what did I do? I went and did it but then I couldn’t go back to Dallas’ house,” stated Roberts. “He had a baby in the house and nobody needs to be sick, especially around a baby. He took the hard line and said, ‘Dude, if you leave, you can’t come back.’

“I had to do it for AEW as I wanna help these guys. Now I’m paying for it brother.”

AEW has reportedly filmed content to last the next few weeks, while WWE is reportedly set to resume filming at the Performance Center soon to film another batch of footage.

Listen to the full interview with Jake Roberts below.

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