Jake Roberts Praises His Quarantine Bidet, Does Shirtless Demonstration (VIDEO)

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Count Jake “The Snake” Roberts as one of the many people who learned the wonders of a bidet while stuck in quarantine – as seen in a video he shared.

The video is titled “Jake the Snake in Quarantine at DDP’s recovery crib” and shows a glimpse into the life of the AEW star while he was staying alone in a wing of DDP’s home.

One part of the video shows Jake doing a Cribs-esque tour of his part of the home – which he called his “capsule of life” – including his bed, Keurig and mini-fridge.

Jake then turns to the camera and says, “now you’re getting ready for the gold” before entering his bathroom to show off the bidet. After introducing the addition to his toilet, there’s a quick jump cut to show Roberts shirtless on the toilet talking about how much he loves the bidet.

“I hate the fact that it took me sixty-four years to find this,” Roberts says with a huge smile on his face before pushing the rinse button and squealing with glee. “As strange as this might sound, you have not lived until you’ve had your anus blow dried.”

Watch the video below (but if you don’t we won’t judge you).

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