Jake Roberts — Bizarre Video Was Just a Joke, Rep Says He Didn’t Relapse

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WWE Hall of Fame wrestler Jake Roberts has not fallen off the wagon, this according to his rep — who says the bizarre video he uploaded to YouTube this morning was just a joke.

The footage — which has since been pulled down — features “The Snake” cutting a promo on what sounds like Bray Wyatt. It begins with Jake taking off an oxygen mask and ends with the wrestler pulling out his fake teeth while talking about giving a “gum job.”

Due to his history with substance abuse, there was online speculation as to whether this meant Roberts had fallen into a relapse … but Jake’s rep tells Pro Wrestling Sheet that he is 100% sober.

We’re told Jake pulled the clip after realizing it was a bad decision to post in the first place — since not everyone understands his particular brand of humor — and his rep says, “This is just Jake being the goofball we all know and love!”

Case closed.

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  1. Lol just a little disturbing haha

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