Jack Swagger Believes WWE is Piggybacking Off Indie Shows (VIDEO)

jack swagger piggybacking wwe indie events video

Former World Champion Jack Swagger is asking wrestling fans to “stand up for the indies” in a new promo … because he believes WWE is piggybacking off big independent shows to take their money.

Swagger is scheduled to appear at The Wrestling Revolver‘s Tales From the Ring event on October 28 in Iowa and, while promoting the show, Jack took issue with NXT booking a gig the night before.

He explains, “I’m new to the independent scene, but I’ve seen a trend arising and I wanted to speak on it. Whenever certain promotions run their bigger shows, especially around the holidays, WWE likes to come in to the same market and run a show at the same time.”

Jack points to the upcoming Starrcade event in North Carolina being booked on the same day as a WrestleCade event, as well as the aforementioned Revolver show, and thinks something ain’t right.

“Hmmm … coincidence? I mean, possibly. They do book their shows months and months ahead of time. But what is even more possible is that WWE saw the card for The Revolver and said ‘oh sh*t, that’s a great roster. This is gonna be a big show. Indies are hot. We should get some of that.” Swagger adds, “To me, this is a slap in the face. Typical WWE saying they’re a bigger company and they can come into your market and push you around and run a show whenever they like.”

Watch the full promo to see Jack’s call to wrestling fans at the end, in which he says it’s time to “stand up” by helping them outsell the competing NXT event, or any shows in the same situation.

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  1. Bonesaw McGraw | October 19, 2017 at 1:53 pm | Reply

    He’s using his WWE name while on the Indies. He’s not wrong but the irony is funny

  2. WrestleMania Weekend, case closed!

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