Press Conference Announced For Unveiling of IMPACT Pizza and Beverage

impact pizza drink beverage bound for glory

Citizens of Ottawa, you’re in luck … because Impact Wrestling has partnered with a local pizza joint to sell an IMPACT Pizza and drink for one special week in November.

The company sent out a press release on Tuesday saying they’ve partnered with Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub and will hold a press conference on Friday to unveil their special menu items.

“IMPACT superstar Bobby Lashley and reigning IMPACT World Champion Eli Drake will attend the Press Conference, along with representatives from Crust & Crate.” The announcement continues, “At the Press Conference, Crust & Crate Fast Fired Pizza Pub will unveil the first-ever IMPACT PIZZA – with Lashley and Drake set to eat slices from the inaugural IMPACT PIZZA, along with the IMPACT official signature beverage.”

Crust & Crate will also serve as the host for the official post-IMPACT party when the company films Bound for Glory and the set of tapings afterward in Canada.

The menu items will be available November 5-10, but if the pizza isn’t six sided we riot.