Hornswoggle — My 2015 Wellness Suspension Wasn’t Over Drugs … I Just Couldn’t Pee (AUDIO)

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Recently released WWE Superstar Hornswoggle says his suspension last year had nothing to do with failing a drug test … the wrestler claims he was just gun-shy for a few hours.

Hornswoggle made the admission on The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed this week and says the incident is “the only thing in 10 years that rubbed me the wrong way” with WWE.

The wrestler claims he didn’t fail a drug test, he was just unable to provide a pee sample in the timeframe given to him — so he was suspended.

Per the terms of the Wellness Policy, “Any delay beyond two (2) hours may be determined by the PA to be a refusal to test. During the two (2) hour period after the time of notification for testing, the WWE Talent must remain in the assigned testing area or be accompanied, at all times, by a person designated by the PA.”

Swoggle — his new moniker — says he attempted to have the company word the announcement differently, so it wouldn’t make him look like a drug user, but they wouldn’t budge.

“I’ve never been a drug user, ever, in my career. Ever.”

The full interview can be FOUND HERE.