Honey Boo Boo Chopped Robbie E at Wrestling Event in Georgia (VIDEO)

honey boo boo robbie e chop wrestling james storm video sugar bear

Robbie E came face-to-face with a tough adversary this weekend — Honey Boo Boo

The 13-year-old reality star attended a UCW event on Saturday with her dad Sugar Bear and the whole thing was filmed for the WE tv channel show “From Not to Hot.”

We’re told Sugar Bear took part in a segment before the match that led to the introduction of Robbie’s opponent James Storm and the two wrestlers then began to square off.

The best moment of the match, however, came when The Cowboy dragged his opponent to Honey Boo Boo so she could chop the former Impact wrestler’s chest. After it was all over, Storm celebrated in the ring with Sugar Bear and the two threw back some cold ones. 

Watch the chest chop in the video below.