Hulk Hogan — VICTORIOUS Over Gawker … Awarded $115 Million in Damages

Hulk Hogan wins gawker lawsuit sex tape wwe wrestling

Hulk Hogan just scored a MAJOR in victory in court … the wrestler was victorious in his sex tape lawsuit against Gawker — and a jury awarded the ex-pro wrestler over $100 million dollars.

The trial between Hulk and Gawker had been raging for weeks and now it’s finally over, with Hulk dropping a legal leg drop on the website to pickup the win.

Hogan was awarded $115 million in damages — $55 million for economic injuries and $60 million for emotional distress — and appeared to break down in tears after hearing the verdict. The jury will reconvene on Monday to determine if additional punitive damages will be tacked on.

Check out the video below for Hogan’s reaction.