WWE Says Hogan Apology Meeting Was NOT Filmed

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Hulk Hogan‘s apology in front of the WWE locker room was NOT filmed by a camera crew, this according to a rep for the company. 

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer first reported cameras were present and a source told Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin the same — but WWE says otherwise.

WWE confirmed to us this evening that the meeting was not filmed.

Mark Henry, who was present at the meeting, talked about it on Busted Open this week. “He [Hogan] made an announcement, he apologized, he’s done a lot of stuff with the Boys and Girls Club. But I didn’t want to lose track of the fact that there’s more work to be done,” Henry stated.

Mark also told TMZ Sports there’s currently a divide amongst the black wrestlers over the backstage apology, describing it as a 50-50 split … with some saying “to hell with him.”

Listen to his comments below. 

4 Comments on "WWE Says Hogan Apology Meeting Was NOT Filmed"

  1. I figured that since it was a Bryan Alvarez story, it would more likely be full of shit because Bryan Alvarez is full of shit. That guy hangs on Meltzers’ nuts for years now and he never gets a story right.

  2. I hope this is true and it wasn’t filmed. Because if it were, it would make Hogan look more like a douche bag to have this filmed for the WWE Network.

    • #WOKEN Lou DiFigliano | July 17, 2018 at 7:27 pm | Reply

      Same. An honest apology should not be spun into a money making stunt. I don’t care who is apologizing.

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