Hiromu Takahashi Returns to Japan to Recover from Neck Injury

hiromu takahashi update flown japan neck injury

NJPW officials say Hiromu Takahashi has flown back to Japan after suffering a neck injury during last week’s G1 Special in San Francisco.

The release from New Japan has limited information, but explains:

“Takahashi was able to return to Japan today, and will proceed with treatment. We apologize for the delay in publishing this update, which was in order to ensure smooth and efficient transit for Takahashi at the airport.”

Unfortunately, the statement doesn’t have any additional information on the severity of the injury.

Hiromu’s injury occurred during a Phoenix-plex gone wrong from Dragon Lee. For those who missed it, he continued to wrestle after hitting the top of his head and reportedly may have collapsed in the backstage area.

IWGP Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho appeared on Busted Open this week and addressed the injury, saying wrestling should be stiff but can’t cross the line.

“That’s what I want to try and tell some of these guys in New Japan that have this great style,” Jericho explained.  “These guys are having amazing matches but don’t be dangerous.  We’re still human beings.  We’re not action figures that you can just dump on your head and go ‘what’s next guys?’ You have to be careful of that and cognizant of it.”

We’ll continue to follow any additional updates on Takahashi’s injury as their made available.