Triple H Sold Braun Strowman Beatdown Like a Champ After Survivor Series (VIDEO)

triple h braun strowman survivor series after beatdown video

Survivor Series ended with Braun Strowman standing strong over Triple H — and The Game continued to sell the beatdown like a champ when the cameras stopped rolling.

In case you missed it … the annual event ended with Triple H turning on Kurt Angle to help Shane McMahon eliminate the Raw GM from the match. Hunter then pedigree’d Shane and pinned him to win the 5-on-5 elimination match for Team Raw.

Just like everyone else watching, Strowman was confused and it led to Braun attacking his boss.

Stephanie McMahon entered the ring to check on her husband after the show was over, but the loopy WWE exec’s feet fell out from underneath him. He also walked into the stage wall in comical fashion.

Check out the videos below.