Heath Slater Tells Cody Not Signing Him Would Be “A Bad Business Decision”

heath slater cody rhodes aew no not interested response responds bad business decision

Heath Slater has fired back at Cody Rhodes, telling “The American Nightmare” that not signing him to AEW would be “a bad business decision.”

During a Q&A on Instagram Live this Tuesday, Rhodes responded to a fan who asked if the company would be interested in Slater. Rhodes responded bluntly: “Nope, no on Heath Slater.”

Slater, who was part of the large group of WWE releases on April 15th, quoted a story about Rhodes’ comment and tweeted: “Damn!! NO. No on Heath?? I know you are a new business man but that was a bad business decision.”

AEW has become a natural landing spot for WWE cast-offs, most recently Luke Harper and likely The Revival as well. Heath Slater and his kids, however, seem like they’ll be forced to find another home.