The Headbangers — SmackDown Live Match Was a One-Time Appearance … For Now

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The WWE return of The Headbangers may have been one of SmackDown Live‘s most talked about moments this week, but Mosh says it was only a one-time appearance … for now.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with Chaz Warrington — aka Mosh — who tells us the door was left open for a future return after their match, but nothing’s been signed on the dotted line.

Warrington explains, “No clue what the future will hold. But it was something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, for my son!”

As for WWE not using their classic theme song during the tag team’s entrance? Mosh tells us he has no idea why it got changed. We’re still looking for answers though. Let us know if you got one.

For now, watch their return match below.