Harley Race Update Following Hospitalization

harley race update hospitalized hospitalization

Wrestling legend Harley Race was hospitalized last week and his representatives released an official statement today about what happened. 

Race’s World League Wrestling school shared the following details via Instagram:

An update that have been wanting to know about in regards to the boss’s situation over the weekend. 

This past weekend, he was scheduled to attend the Knoxville Fanboy Expo. While traveling to Knoxville, he exhibited some signs that needed to be addressed by medical personnel. He has been in the hospital since Thursday evening and that’s where he currently is. 

Due to privacy concerns, no specific information will be given out about his current health status or anything of the sort.

All that can and will be said is that Harley Race was, is, and will always be a fighter. He doesn’t know anything else and he hasn’t thrown in the towel and he has promised that as long as it is up to him, that won’t be an option. His health is obviously top priority and with that being said, all of his upcoming appearances will be immediately cancelled. All promoters have been notified about the situation and we here are currently trying to come up with a solution to rectify the situation the best way possible.

Unfortunately, since this situation has taken place while traveling to a signing, he is currently in a hospital that is pretty far away from home that has his family there with him.

In an effort to help with the unexpected expenses for his family, the school is selling Harley Race shirts that will all go towards paying for everything. 

The shirts can be PURCHASED HERE.

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