Hangman Page Auctioning Off “Full Gear” to Benefit Eating Disorder Association

hangman page auction full gear eating disorders

The Full Gear Challenge is complete, and Hangman Page says he’s now auctioning off his gear for charity to help those who don’t have an EVP to trick them into finding self-confidence.

Page announced he’ll be auctioning off his full gear autographed, as well as the “Michael’s Secret Stuff” bottle seen on Being The Elite (also autographed), with all the money going to the National Eating Disorders Association. 

“After months of intense training, strict dieting, and regrettably supplementing my regimen with what I believed to be performance enhancing drugs (it was apparently just water), the Full Gear Challenge is now complete,” Hangman explained. “I should have seen it all along: I was always Full Gear Ready.”

Adding, “NEDA is the largest nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders, and serves as a catalyst for prevention, cures, and access to quality care.”

For more information on NEDA — CLICK HERE.

To bid on the auction — CLICK HERE.