Hacker Behind Glitches on SmackDown Speaks, Reveals Sonya/Dolph Ziggler Plot

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The person behind the mysterious glitches on SmackDown finally spoke this week on the show – and they used the opportunity to reveal the truth about Sonya Deville.

Following a match between Dolph Ziggler and Tucker Knight … Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came out to instruct Ziggler to stop attacking Tucker, followed by Otis moments later.

The static that’s been shown on WWE TV as of late flashed on the screen and a graphic saying “The Truth Will Be Heard” was spliced in before cutting to a shot of a person sitting in a hoodie in front of a bunch of computer monitors.

The person’s face could not be seen when they turned around, and their voice was distorted, but the person asked if you were paying attention and reiterated that the truth would be heard. They then pushed a button and it cut to a clip of Sonya sending the text to Otis that Mandy would be late to their Valentines date, then deleting his response.

Footage was also shown of Sonya telling Dolph that they would both be getting what they want.

Mandy angrily stormed off as Sonya chased behind.

Watch the video below.