Gregory Iron Suffers Gruesome Groin Injury, Launches GoFundMe for Assistance

gregory iron injured gofundme groin

Independent wrestler Gregory Iron suffered a freak groin injury at a show this weekend and has now launched a GoFundMe to help with the expenses.

Iron detailed the incident on his page, jokingly starting off with, “I’ve suffered a severe weiner injury.”

He then described his rough Saturday, starting with a car accident in the morning while traveling with Zach Gowen and Matt Cross. The three were able to make it to the show in New Jersey, which is where the injury happened during a “turnbuckle crotching” spot.

Gregory explained: “When the time came for the spot, the spot was rushed and my leg was pushed a little harder than I would have liked. I braced myself as good as I could in the moment, and took the crotch. I didn’t hurt at the moment. My main concern was that the crotching most likely looked poor on camera and to the fans.”

Iron then said when he got to the locker room, he noticed his trunks filling with blood and it was coming from his penis. He was then rushed to the hospital and spent the next 16 hours with the doctors running tests. “When it was all said and done, they determined that I either have a bruise, or minor tear, in my urethra.”

Due to his injury, Gregory will not be able to work for at least two weeks and will have to cancel the rest of his bookings for October. While the GoFundMe covers medical, vehicle and living expenses, he promises to donate anything he gets over that to The Murray Ridge Center.

Check out his GoFundMe HERE.