Goldust WWE Contract Update, Deal Recently Expired

goldust wwe deal expired contract aew double or nothing

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Goldust will soon be a free agent.

Multiple sources tell us Goldust’s WWE contract recently expired and he’s currently waiting for the 90-day no-compete portion of his agreement to run out before becoming a free agent.

As many fans noticed, the wrestler recently removed all mentions of WWE from social media.

It’s unclear when the deal expired exactly, but we’re told he should be free in May. 

On the latest “Road to Double or Nothing” video, there was a big tease for Goldust aka Dustin Rhodes as Cody’s opponent at the upcoming AEW event in Las Vegas. Cody is shown talking to his seamstress, who randomly asks if she should stay away from Gold.

Rhodes has also previously stated that it’s “personal” between he and his opponent. 

Watch the “Road to Double or Nothing” video below.