Goldust Gets Emotional While Reflecting on Wrestling at WWE Starrcade Without Dusty Rhodes (VIDEO)

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Goldust paid tribute to Dusty Rhodes at WWE Starrcade by wrestling as “The Natural” … and while reflecting on it afterward, the wrestler got pretty emotional.

Rhodes spoke with and said, “When he was with me and Cody when we fought The Shield, it was special. Every time I’ve been with him in the ring, it’s been special. Tonight he wasn’t there, which was very emotional for me.”

Goldust went on to talk about listening to the video package on Dusty before the match from the backstage area and shaking because it brought him back.

Dustin closed by saying, “I’m very lucky, very blessed to be in the family that I’m in. The Rhodes Family has a pretty damn serious pedigree and legacy. And I will do my very very best to uphold it as long as I can. My brother Cody, to uphold it as long as we can. And to make everybody proud and love the Rhodes family.”

Watch the video below.