Goldberg on Trump Twitter Tirade — “Obviously, I was Just Hacked!”

President Donald Trump seemed to the be the target of an intense Twitter rant from Bill Goldberg on Wednesday, but the WWE Hall of Famer says he was just hacked. 

Goldberg’s account unleashed a firestorm of tweets directed at Trump which included the lines “I challenge you to a fist fight,” “I’ll f******* kill you,” and everyone’s favorite “you been threating me and my wife you d*** head.”

The host/actor/wrestler may have a temper, but his grammar skills are undefeated … which made it hard for fans to believe the tweets were legit. Goldberg confirmed that was the case shortly after.

While the old Goldberg would’ve likely gone on the hunt and brutalized the social media culprit, the new-and-improved Golderg simply used a mad face emoji to express his anger.

Read the tweet and anan edited rundown of what was sent from his account below.