Goldberg Says Crowds Aren’t ‘As Respectful As They Used To Be’

Credit: WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg has spoken about the differences between the wrestling crowds of his heyday and those of today.

Speaking to Bleacher Report, Goldberg said that modern crowds aren’t as content to just be entertained as they were in the past.

“They’re not nearly as respectful as they used to be,” the former Universal Champion said. “I think it’s more about how they can turn the momentum of the show as opposed to actually being a part of it. They actually want to dictate more so than in the past. They were content just sitting back and being entertained as opposed to dictating what’s going on. That’s really the biggest difference for me is the crowd.”

As we previously reported, Goldberg recently put the current WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on notice.

“He backed out on me at WrestleMania. He stole my move, God knows how long ago. And he continues to perform at subpar level,” the Hall of Famer said on the latest edition of The Bump.

“Let’s be perfectly honest, I’m the dude who delivers the Spear and I don’t think that he understands what it’s like until I deliver one to him. So Roman, it’s coming and I’m coming for you. I may be old, I may be grey, but I’m still Goldberg,” he added.

The wrestling legend echoed these sentiments in the interview with Bleacher Report.

“If the Roman Reigns match isn’t the match at the top of my priority list, then I wouldn’t be Goldberg,” he claimed. “That’s a match that needs to happen. It’s a match that’s needed to happen for a very long period of time. I wish I would’ve been able to have that match 10 years ago. People in hell want ice water, too. You can’t have everything the way you want it, but I think I can still be a very formidable opponent for him. Georgia will always be better than Georgia Tech at the end of the day, anyway.”

Goldberg’s upcoming documentary WWE Untold: Goldberg’s Streak which premieres this Sunday, December 13, on the WWE Network.