Goldberg — Inked Deal to Appear in Royal Rumble Match Prior to Bout With Brock Lesnar

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There’s a reason Goldberg was made to look so dominant during his return tonight at the Survivor Series … The Sheet has learned he recently agreed to appear in the upcoming Royal Rumble.

Sources tell us the 49-year-old made the deal this week that will see him participate in a Rumble match for the second time in his career. This year’s event is in January at the Alamodome.

For those who missed his return, Goldberg DOMINATED Brock Lesnar in a match that lasted only a few minutes — surprising the entire wrestling world.

No word at this point as to whether any sort of WrestleMania match is in the works. After watching tonight’s PPV though, we can only imagine that The Beast will be thirsty for revenge.

Stay tuned.

4 Comments on "Goldberg — Inked Deal to Appear in Royal Rumble Match Prior to Bout With Brock Lesnar"

  1. Now i want to see Goldberg vs Taker in WM… maybe but Lesnar no is happy

  2. 1st entry goldberg
    entire show is just him chucking out everyone one by one

  3. Way to blow the story. I was fine with not knowing that Goldberg had agreed to royal rumble prior to survivor series. Wrestling is too transparent now days…which is why its ratings are going down.

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