Ryback — Goldberg’s Return Opponent Should Have Been Me (AUDIO)

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Bill Goldberg will seemingly soon wrestle his first WWE match in years … but ex-Superstar Ryback says Brock Lesnar is the wrong opponent, because it should have been The Big Guy.

Ryback talked about Bill’s impending return on Busted Open Radio yesterday — due to the Goldberg chants he constantly received in WWE — and said he was told a comeback would never happen.

“For me, for my own selfish reasons, it should be me and Goldberg.  It shouldn’t be him and Brock. That’s been there, they’ve done that 13 years ago.” Adding, “Who’s to say that 2K17 doesn’t have money in this and they’re not throwing money around to make this match happen to promote the video game. I can’t say. I’m not in that circle. I don’t know.”

The wrestler also discusses the WWE Wellness Policy with host Dave LaGreca and his guest co-host, including why he believes part-time performers should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

Check it out below.