Goldberg Praises Sting: “Everything I Learned, I Learned From Him”

WWE star Goldberg has praised one of the newest additions to the All Elite Wrestling roster … his former WCW colleague Sting

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Goldberg spoke very highly of his fellow WWE Hall of Famer.

“It truly shows you how viable that company was and how viable the competition was back in the day to continue to have value in the business at such a later date,” he said. “Sting is WCW. Period, end of story. People want to say it was me for a period of time, but he just handed the reins to me for a little bit. Sting is that promotion. That promotion is Sting. Everything I learned, I learned from him. He was an integral part of my process becoming a professional wrestler. I wouldn’t have done it without him.”

As we previously reported, “The Icon” Sting returned to TNT for the first time since WCW’s demise when he debuted on AEW Dynamite two weeks ago.

Goldberg was speaking to BR to promote his new WWE Network documentary WWE Untold: Goldberg’s Streak.