Goldberg — Confirms He’ll Compete in Royal Rumble Match … “Everyone is Next!” (VIDEO)

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It’s official … Goldberg has announced that he’ll be wrestling in the 2017 Royal Rumble match — and the 49-year-old says he believes he could be the champ one last time.

Goldberg appeared on Raw at the beginning of the show and said that Stephanie McMahon asked him if he was interested in another run with the title after beating Brock Lesnar.

The wrestler answered, “You bet your ass I got one more title run left in me.”

Bill then explained that McMahon told him the road to a title match begins at the 30 man over the top rope match in January … therefore he said, “At the Royal Rumble match, EVERYONE is NEXT!”

We exclusively reported Sunday night that the WCW legend had inked a deal to appear at annual event, but right now there’s still no word as to whether he’ll appear at WrestleMania.

Based on the reactions he’s been getting though, it looks like a safe bet.