GCW and WrestleCon Deny Offering Enzo Amore $25K to Appear at WM Weekend Events(UPDATED)

gcw enzo amore denies bloodsport money offered

In a recent video made by Enzo Amore, the former WWE star seemed to imply that he had been offered $25,000 to wrestle at Bloodsport III … which GCW denied. Then, after claiming he was talking about a different event, that company denied it too.

For those who haven’t been following the social media saga between NJPW’s Tama Tonga and nZo, Tama recently said after one of their online spats that he’d have a match against Enzo … as long as it were done for charity. Josh Barnett then offered to host it at Bloodsport III during WrestleMania weekend.

On Tuesday, Enzo shared a video in which he cut a promo on the NJPW star and the situation as a whole to give his answer. “You and I both know that I got offered $25 grand for this match and I turned it down, now you wanna turn around and give the bag to charity? Well touche, bro.”

“So Josh Barnett, thank you so much for offering me your platform at Bloodsport, maybe for a more worthy opponent,” he added. “If we’re really gonna do this thing for charity, it won’t be on anyone’s platform.”

GCW tweeted after the video was released – because it sounded like he was saying that figure came from them – denying making any offer to him. “Just to clarify: Neither GCW or Josh Barnett have offered ClowNzo $25,000 to fight at Bloodsport or appear at ANY GCW events. In fact, we haven’t offered him 1 cent, now or ever. Sorry Pal,” the company wrote.

Amore then reached out to us to say he was NOT talking about GCW in the video (despite how it sounded), and claimed it was WrestleCon who made the offer. In a statement, he wrote: “The weekend convention offered me an exclusive deal on signings and the match for $25,000.”

He also tweeted saying, “YOU IDIOTS. I guess I talk too fast, I NEVER SAID I got offered $25,000 grand by a GCW or bloodsport. I said I’d be down to do blood sport… against a more worthy opponent.”

Within minutes of our site sharing Enzo’s statement, WrestleCon wrote to us denying Enzo’s claim. “Not true, we never made an offer,” they stated via Twitter. “We listened to his agents offer, just like we listen to all offers by talent and agents. We offered space to hold his event.”

In the video, Enzo also claims to have called the venue Tama is going to be at on April 2 – which we’ve now learned is the venue where WrestleCon is happening – and says they agreed to give him space to host the match, as well as everything he’d need to promote it himself. 

Enzo additionally notes that any money raised at this proposed event would go towards depression and suicide prevention organizations.