GCW Promoter Speaks Out on David Arquette Deathmatch, Defends Champion Nick Gage

david arquette gcw deathmatch response defend champion nick gage

The promoter who ran the event where David Arquette was bloodied up claims Nick Gage never intentionally tried to hurt the actor and the hardcore nature of the match was pre-planned.

Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke with GCW promoter Brett Lauderdale who says the finish of the match did not go as planned after David’s neck was accidentally cut, but everything else did.

“People are trashing Gage like he forced Arquette into it or sprung it on him without prior consent,” Lauderdale tells us. “Arquette specifically requested everything that was used in the match and more.”

In case you missed it, Gage began to grind lightubes into Arquette’s forehead at one point in the match and the two seemed to slip up — causing David’s neck to get sliced. He began to panic and almost left the match, but returned to the ring and ended things. 

According to sources, the camera crew filming David’s documentary filmed as he returned to the back and actor Luke Perry rushed in to take his fellow actor to the ER. Lauderdale suspects the way things ended may have been related to the documentary.

“I’m also starting to wonder if Arquette himself either planned it this way or was playing it up for the documentary cameras with Luke Perry.”

We’re told Arquette’s reps have reached out to GCW for use of the footage in the documentary, but it’s unclear if they’ve come to an agreement yet. 

Watch the NSFW video of the finish below. (THE SHOW REPLAY CAN BE PURCHASED HERE)