Hulk Hogan — Sues Gawker AGAIN … For Allegedly Leaking N-Word Rant Transcript

gawker hulk hogan lawsuit again sued

Gawker is being sued once again by Hulk Hogan — this time the former wrestling champ is accusing them of leaking a sealed transcript of his n-word rant to The National Enquirer.

The New York Post reports that Hulkster claims his “income was cut off, his legacy in entertainment was severely damaged (if not completely destroyed), and his global brand was forever tarnished.”

The lawsuit comes just weeks after Hulk’s big $140 million win over the website for invasion of privacy. Audio of his rant was eventually released once the filing was unsealed, a portion of which can be HEARD HERE.

Gawker is currently in the process of appealing the sex tape jury verdict and has already denied it leaked the transcript to the Enquirer.

No money amount was specified in the new suit.