Gallows and Anderson Say They Were Contacted About Saudi Arabia Lawsuit, But Didn’t Give Info

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Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have dwindled the list of possible suspects who could have leaked information about WWE’s infamous trip home from Crown Jewel last year.

As you’ll recall, testimony from a former superstar was included in a new class action lawsuit relating to the flight home and alleged mechanical failures that followed.  The anonymous source suggested WWE made it clear that anybody who spoke out about the alleged mechanical issues of the plane while attempting to leave Saudi Arabia would be threatened with termination.

On their Talk’n Shop podcast, both Good Brothers say they had no part in leaking information to the people involved … but they were contacted by a few private investigators.

“Why the f*ck would I would I go secretly talk to somebody about Saudi Arabia when I have my own f*cking hit platform to talk about what the f*ck I want to talk about,” Anderson protested. “I can say anything the f*ck I want! If I want to talk about Saudi Arabia, you f*ckin’ marks, I’m going to talk about Saudi Arabia. But here’s the thing. I will talk about Saudi Arabia. But I didn’t talk to some f*cking private investigator about it.”

Anderson went on to say that they will address everything that happened in Saudi Arabia on July 18th, when their WWE non-compete clauses have expired. “I’ll talk about it. I’ll talk about how I felt that day. I’ll talk about what me and Gallows were going through that day. I’ll talk about what I think happened. I’ll talk about the way the boys felt on that motherf*cking plane. We’ll talk about everything,” he explained.

Gallows, on the other hand, says he did speak with someone from the law firm handling the case. However, he only did so in an effort to figure out which wrestler they got testimony from.

The anonymous testimony also claimed a disagreement between Vince McMahon and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman over late payments caused the flight delay. WWE released a statement calling the allegations false, and deeming the anonymous source as a “disgruntled former wrestler.”

In the filing, the source is described as somebody who “performed for the Company from 2012 to April 2020 and who participated in the October 31st Crown Jewel event.”

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