Gallows and Anderson Believe Paul Heyman is to Blame for WWE Release

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AJ Styles recently made headlines for calling Paul Heyman a bold-faced liar, and now former members of The OC Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are explaining why he said it.

While speaking about their WWE release with Pro Wrestling Sheet Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin, Gallows and Anderson first mentioned a conversation they had with Heyman after re-signing with the company in July of 2019. 

The duo say they had an issue with a creative decision and were told Paul would be contacting them. After making contact, Anderson says they had a great talk that led him to think by the end of it that the Executive Director of Raw was a fan of his.

Gallows also says they once had a conversation where Paul told them “if I ever lie to you, go on social media and f*cking bury me. F*cking put me under the dirt cause I f*cking deserve it and I want those guys in the locker room to know that I can’t f*cking be trusted.”

After their release, the tag team say they started asking around to find out what the reason may have been – since they had turned down AEW to stay with the company and had just been part of the acclaimed Boneyard Match at WrestleMania.

Finally, they were told by someone behind the scenes that their releases were “inspired” by Paul Heyman. They informed AJ Styles of this and he allegedly confirmed their information with another person, so he asked Paul to his face about it. Heyman denied having anything to do with it and gave his word that he was telling the truth.

Gallows and Anderson went back to their source and their source assured them Heyman wasn’t being honest. Because of this, Styles went straight to Vince McMahon for an answer. McMahon told him that Gallows and Anderson were not on his list, and confirmed to AJ that it “was a Heyman thing.”

“Apparently he thought we were making too much money for what we were doing,” Gallows said. 

The duo do both admit, however, that at the end of the day Vince McMahon made the final call.

“I think [AJ] felt a little guilty,” Gallows additionally noted. “I think Allen felt like it all fell on his shoulders and that’s why he publicly spoke about Paul a couple of times, and all that. Because, in his mind, he’s like ‘F*ck, I told these guys to stay and go against, not just our friends, but his other friends too. Not go against them. But, like, ‘Hey, stay here with me. There’s gonna be a lot of money on the table. Things are going to be great for us.’ Then the bottom falls out for us and he’s like, ‘that couldn’t have went worse.'”

The tag team also confirm that AJ told WWE officials he no longer wanted work with Heyman, which is why he was moved back to SmackDown. Heyman has since been replaced in the Executive Director of Raw position by Bruce Prichard. 

“I have permission to speak freely on this and he said f*cking bury Paul and tell the truth about it,” Gallows said. “That’s why he said he couldn’t work with him and that he had to be moved, because Paul’s a f*cking liar. It doesn’t matter that he lied to us. For his friends, yes … but, probably career-wise, he can’t trust the guy either if you’re AJ still in that spot and you don’t want to work with a guy that you know is a f*cking liar.”

Anderson also speculates the same as Gallows, that there was unhappiness behind the scenes from people in positions of power who didn’t like how much they were being paid and it led to Paul pushing for their release. 

Watch the video interview below.