Lawyer Claims Jimmy Snuka and Mr. Fuji Were Diagnosed With CTE After Passing Away

mr fuji jimmy snuka lawsuit cte

Jimmy Snuka and Mr. Fuji were allegedly diagnosed with CTE after passing away, this according to new documents filed on behalf of more than sixty ex-WWE wrestlers.

It’s all part of the ongoing legal battle between the group of wrestlers and WWE in which they claim the company hid long-term effects of brain damage from them.

In a new filing, Snuka’s estate claims his brain and spinal cord were studied after his death and revealed the WWE Hall of Famer had CTE. He also had Alzheimer’s disease.

A rep for Mr. Fuji’s estate makes similar claims. They allege that he was a “shell of his former self” before passing away in 2016 due to dementia. Years after, upon learning of other athletes having CTE, the manager’s family donated his brain to a pathologist and learned he had it as well. They also claim the report said it was due to his “history of blows to the head.”

According to reporter Chris Harrington, who has been combing through the docs, the filing states Paul Orndorff has recently been diagnosed with dementia, is clinically depressed and exhibits paranoia. The documents also state that Marty Jannetty has an “inability to think clearly” and occasional thirty-minute blackouts.

A rep for WWE released a statement to The Boston Globe in which they question the integrity of the lawyer handling the case, “[Kyros] has been repeatedly admonished by the court for presenting false and misleading information, and no medical report was included in this filing. We will review the medical reports when they are made available to us and respond appropriately via the judicial system.”