Four Year Strong — Concert Invaded by Wrestling Match (VIDEO)

four year strong wrestling concert

Pop punk rockers Four Year Strong avoided catching a superkick to the face Thursday night … after an on-stage wrestling match broke out during their gig — and the video is pretty awesome!

The whole thing happened at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago when a group of wrestlers from Freelance Wrestling hit the stage during a quick break before the encore.

In the video, one wrestler takes a nasty superkick … then another rushes to help out. The clip is quick, but a wrestler involved tweeted saying he was also Gorilla Press Slammed into the crowd afterward.

For those who haven’t heard of Four Year Strong — which is a travesty — the group are big wrestling fans … and earlier this month Seth Rollins used one of their song titles during a promo with FYS in attendance.

All in all, sounds like a fun night.