Farrah Abraham Will NOT Be Getting In the Ring for Wrestling Company

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Put down your pitchforks! “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is NOT planning to become a wrestler.

According to The BlastWorld Class Revolution Pro Wrestling CEO Jerry Bostic seems to be doing a 180 after the Farrah news received a negative reaction online.

As we previously reported, the announcement said the company would be mixing pop-culture with wrestling and heavily implied she’d be working for WCRPW. No mention of anything else.

Bostic claims, however, that his company is also an “entertainment company specializing in event planning, booking and management” and the deal with Farrah is merely for her to make an appearance at the Bell County Comic-Con next month in Texas. Not for his wrestling company. 

The promoter says there HAVE BEEN negotiations with the MTV star about getting involved in World Class Revolution … but only as a ring valet. Not in a wrestling capacity. 

And it doesn’t seem to be a done deal yet. 

Feel better now, everyone?