Fake Hasidic Jewish Wrestler Allegedly Tried to Profit Off Negative Press … Claims David Starr

david starr mathias glass fake hasidic jewish wrestler

David Starr — a Jewish independent wrestler — is once again calling out a non-Jewish performer who continues to use a Hasidic gimmick, despite its offensive nature.

As we previously reported, Starr aired his grievances over the Mathias Glass situation back in November and now he’s posted a new statement shedding light on what happened since … … claiming the guy lied about ending the character after attempting to make an angle out of the negative press.

David’s full statement can be read below, as well as the screengrabs of his conversations with Mathias to back the timeline of events and show Glass’ apology.

Earlier, during the Mathias Glass fiasco, Mathias had called me to pitch a storyline. He called me to pitch an angle in which I, as David Starr, would end the character of Mathias Glass. He openly said that he wanted to see how he could make money off of the negative exposure he was getting.

He also tried to take credit, as if he deserved a pat on the back for it, for not doing a spot in which his head would get stuck in easy bake oven (obviously referencing Jews that were murdered in a similar fashion during the Holocaust). He tried to pass the responsibility for the character on to everybody else “making him do it” when in reality he knew exactly what he was doing. He knew that he was perpetuating negative stereotypes towards Jewish people. Not only that, but he legitimately asked “how could I have portrayed a Jewish character any other way?” As if chasing pennies, being terrified of German items, stuffing bagels down constantly, and the other ridiculous portrayals of Jews that he acted out were the only way Jews could be seen.

He told me, after I aggressively & immediately shot down his storyline pitch and the idea of him not being responsible for the offensive nature of the character, as a promise “as a man of his word” that December 31, 2017 would be the last day that he would be Mathias Glass. He admitted that he knew the character was offensive and not sustainable. So, he wanted to end the character, and said that by January 1, 2018 at midnight EST that he would issue a public apology acknowledging that he knew what he was doing. He knew what he was doing was offensive and that he knew what he was doing was wrong. Now because he has not held up to his end of the bargain I am releasing the screenshots of his apology saying exactly that.