WWE in Talks to Produce New Weekly Show on Facebook Live

facebook live wwe new show in talks

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned WWE is in talks with Facebook to produce a weekly show that would air in a test run on Facebook Live.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us the show would premiere in January and go live on Facebook after SmackDown goes off the air. This means 205 Live would no longer be filmed live.

We’ve heard the idea of filming the cruiserweight show before SD Live has been discussed, but it’s unclear if this will be the plan going forward yet.

As for creative plans for the new Facebook show, our sources say they’ve changed a few times.

From what we’ve been told though, it will more than likely include stars from both Raw and SmackDown Live competing for brand supremacy. One source says a mixed tag team concept has been tossed around that would feature interesting combinations of male and female wrestlers, but it’s unclear if they’ve settled on that idea.

For what it’s worth, WWE recently trademarked “Mixed Match Challenge” for a new possible show name.

Stay tuned for further updates.