WATCH: The Exalted One Revealed as Ex-WWE Star Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee

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“The Exalted One” has finally been revealed as former WWE star Luke Harper aka Brodie Lee.

It all went down Wednesday night on Dynamite when The Dark Order walked to the ring, then Evil Uno cut a promo setting up the arrival of “The Exalted One.” Before the person could be revealed, however, SCU interrupted the team and Daniels said Uno has just been wasting everyone’s time.

Daniels was then cut off by a video from someone claiming to be “The Exalted One.”

While speaking, the person walked towards the camera and it became clear the figure wearing a white hooded robe was Brodie Lee.

“Mr. Daniels, I assure you, you are not the first out-of-touch, old man to not believe in me. But I will make damn sure you are the last,” he said in the video before introducing himself as Brodie Lee.

Lee was then standing in the ring beside The Dark Order and they beat down SCU.

Watch the reveal below.