ESPN 30 For 30: Nature Boy – Review

ric flair 30 for 30 nature boy review

Ric Flair‘s life story was told in a new documentary that premiered on ESPN last night and Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin is here with his review of Nature Boy.

Watch below as Ryan discusses how he didn’t love the movie as much as he had expected, but was brought to tears during the final thirty minutes of the film.

Sound off in the comments and tell us if you agree with his review.

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  1. I was upset as a fan how HHH seemed to belittle ric flair and make it look like he was his saviour. His attitude towards reid flairs death made me a little sick as well. Another thing that i didnt like was Hulk Hogans opinion on Ric flair when in reality Hogan has had quite a fall from grace as well. HHH maybe might want to consider that he was never ring royalty at all and that he wasnt even third best in the attitude era.

    • I didn’t think Hogan was capable of that kind of humility. To admit that he couldn’t actually wrestle — something that any fan over the age of 12 knew anyway — in this documentary that is going to be seen by so many non-wrestling fans was pretty impressive, IMO.
      As for HHH, I think both he and HBK have stopped enabling Flair and have started giving it to him straight. That’s the difference between real respect and being a sycophant.

      • I agree with you in that manner but remember when HHH was in WCW, he wasnt even a blip on the radar, and flair was already a an established legend. He had the nerve to judge flair so harshly about his son kind of surprised me. I think he cares for flair bit it just shocked at his rhetoric concerning the death of flairs son. It almost came out in a hypocritical manner and i dont remember where i came from manner.

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