Erick Rowan Reveals Original Plans for Cage Angle, Details Failed Pitches

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Former WWE star Erick Rowan opened up in a new interview about what was originally supposed to be in the cage he was carrying around, as well as his failed pitches for the reveal.

Speaking with Sportskeeda, the wrestler (now going by Erick RedBeard) discussed the cage angle and said he was not told what would be inside of it when the gimmick was first given to him.

He was later told, however, that it would be a giant rodent or rat of some sort that would eventually be killed by the babyface champion to show his character “cared about something.” Unfortunately for Rowan, the person they had in mind turned heel, so they continued to extend the reveal.

Rowan says he began pitching different ideas for what could be in the cage, but they fell on deaf ears until he was eventually told about the robotic spider – which he unsuccessfully pushed back against.

“All that build for something so trivial was kinda sucky for me,” he added. “Cause we go to work and we put in all these things and you have all these ideas in your head, and then that’s what it is. I sent messages to Heyman. I sent messages to the writers. I wrote out long things about what I thought it should be. Here’s what we could pitch. I had over the top ideas about it.”

Rowan explained his first pitch involved actress Jyoti Amge from American Horror Story, the world’s smallest woman, who he wanted to carry around in the cage. The two of them would then form a friendship as he was protecting her from the atrocities of the outside world in the cage.

“I’m so large and she would be so small, and delicate. It would show a different side of me to the fans,” he explained. “Everyone is trying to humanize people in wrestling these days, and I thought the most un-human characters are the best. That’s the most intriguing when you watch a movie. You watch a movie and you see people that you can relate to as being your creepy uncles in prison. That’s interesting to me. And that’s what I like. I like the horrors of the world and how they have feelings as well, but no one can sympathize with them because they’re such horrible people.”

The other pitch was to not have an actual entity inside the cage, but instead have the cage show a wrestler their own worst fear when they look inside of it.

As you’ll recall, Drew McIntyre destroyed the robotic spider on Raw one week after it was introduced. Rowan was later released from the company in April due to budget cuts. 

Watch the interview below.